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Poems Under Review

   Poems paint a picture…                                   of a thousand feelings.

I share with you a number of recently composed poems for your enjoyment and appreciation. You may also leave any comments you may have or possibly would like to make.

Laws of Emotion

First   law  of emotion  aims  to  reate  feelings  of  the  kind

which  ignites  a fire of  longing in  some ones chosen heart.

Second  law  states never  let  sentiments on  the rise to find

anger and  hate cut  through  trust or  make  belief set  apart.

The  third  law of emotion  sets up well-suited  rules to bind

hearts  and  minds all  together as  one  till  death us do part.


How to deal with enraged  feelings on the  brink of disaster?

When  the  first  law fails  to catch  longing  within its sphere.

And  when  sentiment  grows to be slave and not the master.

Doing  what’s  right against all odds and  no hope to adhere.

Last  but not the least opposite  rituals  turns  to  react faster.

Heart  breaks  and mind  blows  with  an   awful  cry of fear.


What if longing drowns in the pool of dislikes and disbelief?

And  there  is no exit from the storm of emotional ignorance.

A change in  attitude  like  changing  colour of  a  winter leaf

is not  blamed  for the  rising level of anger and  abhorrence.

The  laws of  emotion  surely  help when joy  turns into grief.

Together or used alone it’s sure to steal peace and tolerance.


Law  is the  saviour of heart  and soul from aches and pains.

Even  if obsession at times hinders our progress and wishes.

And awareness raises the flow of love and care in our veins.

And laws of emotion bind the craze and zeal that unleashes.

Passion is there to uplift and react with rising needs or gains.

Above all  we’re slave of laws with all their hits and misses.



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